Check Your Facts and Check Stupid at the Door

Dan K Jackson
3 min readMay 1, 2020


Quacks are nothing new, during pandemics.

Yesterday, Chris, an over the road, delivery guy from North Carolina made his regular stop to our business. Well I say regular, the coronavirus and the subsequent shut down has made his weekly visits more like monthly.

His distribution center is in Charlotte, a relatively highly populated area. Over four days this month, he lost his fishing buddy’s father and a 48 year old acquaintance to Covid-19. To add further weight to his burden, his stepmom, during the same four days, succumbed to cancer.

That would be a lot of funerals to attend. But of course you can’t attend them.

The 48 year old had no underlying issues. He was healthy. Heck, he was home. His condition wasn’t even dire enough for him to be in the hospital. His wife went into the kitchen to get him a cup of coffee. When she returned, he was dead.

This is not a report I saw on television. It is not a YouTube video. It is not a story from some obscure website. It was told to me yesterday, person to person.

I did not have a mask on. Neither did he. That scared me more than the story.

Yesterday I ordered masks.

We are very, very lucky to have avoided the brunt of this insidious virus. The stupid among us think it’s nothing. The rest of us simply don’t know.

I have a great chiropractor. He didn’t exactly fix, but he mitigated a back issue I’d had for twenty years. Ten years later, it’s still good. I’m not going to mention his name, because that doesn’t always have it’s intended effect. (Sorry Wirgau.)

Not a real doctor! A real dumbass, maybe.

But if my chiropractor started to tell me how to battle coronavirus, I think I would have hesitation. Worse yet if some YouTube video chiropractor began to prattle on about it, I know I wouldn’t listen! Spinal manipulation and a viral agent from Wuhan China are two vastly different things!

Look I totally understand, the Today show is all about what’s happening in New York and New Jersey. Things are vastly different there. The population is incredibly denser. They are not talking about what’s happening in Tennessee or even North Carolina.

And would you have known it was so bad in North Carolina if Chris hadn’t told me?


So why are you listening to some YouTube dope or worse yet, the guy who runs the 4:30 workout at the gym?

He don’t know, nuthin’ yo!

He can’t even tell you how to lose weight. He don’t know, yo!

He knows you pay him to be there. He knows you like to be told to “squeeze” and to “push” and “no pain, no gain!”

You know how you lose weight? Stop eating! That’s it!

So how’s he supposed to give you advice on Covid-19?

Want to live longer? Stop eating so much and walk briskly twenty minutes per day!

Want to live even longer? Don’t take immunology advice from someone who graduated community college with a P.E. degree!

These are the same people, when thoroughly checked and rejected will tell you, “well you believe in your facts, and I’ll believe in mine. Have a great day.”

The greatest of all time, but sadly not a fact…

Facts and beliefs are not the same thing!

A belief in science is called a hypothesis. A fact is proven out.

Fact: Michael Jordan is the greatest basketball player of all time.

WRONG! That’s a belief. It happens to be my belief, but it is not a provable fact.

Be safe, be cautious and check your sources people. Only by doing these things can we get through this unscathed.



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