Forget the Pandemic, there are Worst or at Least More Weird Things Going On.

Remember back in 2003 when Coldplay first appeared on the scene? One of their first big hits was “Don’t Panic,” which you probably don’t remember.

You don’t remember it, because you think the name of the song is “We Live in a Beautiful World.” But it wasn’t.

It seems like 20 years since I could agree with that lyric. It’s only been four.

There may be some parts of this world still beautiful, but mostly it’s weird. Just weird.

In the last four years, we’ve had UFOs basically outed. They are for real. They are a thing. We have video of them buzzing fighter jets.

We have had scientists basically prove alternate dimensions exist.

And we have a game show host as our President.

It goes from bad to worse, and I didn’t even mention a pandemic!

Let’s start with the UFOs.

Is that Star Trek’s Enterprise? Or are you just happy to see me?

Marco Rubio of all people is over the Senate Committee funding research on this subject. Objects, exhibiting higher technology than ours are all over the place.

The Senate…and the Defense Department, don’t know if they are some kind of representation of a Russian or Chinese jump in technology, or if they actually come from outer space.

They don’t know.

The former Senate Majority leader, Harry Reid pushed for funding of this program ten plus years ago. He has spoken publicly about credible reports regarding materials of unknown origin found by the government and the private sector.

Now whether that means manmade or not, is unclear.

But take a look back up there at what I just said. I said,” government and the private sector.”

This is straight out of an Arnold Schwarzenegger movie. The Terminator left parts here when it traveled back from the future!

So do we have manmade today, manmade in the future, robot made in the future or from another planet?

There are a lot more possibilities than we thought!

What if they come from an alternate reality? Huh?

Scientists haven’t proved that’s possible, but up until just a quantum second ago, they didn’t think parallel universes could even exist. (Sidenote: I don’t know if “quantum second” is a thing. I just thought it sounded cool.”

But we haven’t proved it isn’t possible either, have we?

Back in May of this hallowed year, down in Antarctica of all places, scientists experimenting with neutrinos and other science stuff possibly came closer to figuring it out. I’m not going into it, because it’s really above my pay grade.

I like it was in Antarctica though. That’s where Scully and Mulder went during one of the X-Files movies. That’s where Hitler was looking for stuff during WWII. And that’s where a local Navy vet told me he went on a secret mission during the Vietnam War!

Make sense?

Probably not, but still, Antarctica.

Worst weather gear ever!

And so finally we reach the weirdest part of our story. More weird than UFOs. More weird than parallel or alternate universes. We elected Donald Trump as President.

And people love him! And people who studied science love him! And he thinks ingesting bleach is a good idea! And they still love him!

He wants to get rid of Obamacare so at least one orthopedic surgeon I know, seems to really love him.

He has affairs with porn stars, pays them hush money, and Christians love him!

He lies over and over and over again, and still your pastor loves him.

And he inherited all of his wealth, pissed most of it away, inherited the rest of his family’s money, pissed it away, and now has to launder money for the Russians.

And by the way, he won’t disclose his finances. And the bankers love him!

Forget UFOs and alternate realities, it’s Donald Trump. He’s unexplainable. And it doesn’t get more weird than that.



Just a blue guy in a red state. Been writing a regular column since 2005. Sometimes politics, sometimes food and travel, sometimes comedy, always a smartass.

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Dan K Jackson

Just a blue guy in a red state. Been writing a regular column since 2005. Sometimes politics, sometimes food and travel, sometimes comedy, always a smartass.