You People Can’t Mind Your Own Business, so Quit Trying to Mind HCMC’s!

Dan K Jackson
2 min readAug 3, 2023


So I’ve read a bunch of garbage on this page from people who not only know zero about running a hospital, but also zero about running a business.

And here’s the saddest part: it doesn’t stop here.

On social media, across this fine community, person after person, great aunt after grandmother, Uncle Buck after Cousin Eddie, keep commenting and proclaiming solutions to our medical center’s problems.

Some of you can’t wait until the hospital is bought out!

Some of you don’t understand why the board members aren’t doing more!

And of course, some of you, stuck in your conspiracy theory dead end lives, claim corruption must be the culprit.

Oh my gosh you people are dumb. You should not be allowed to have public discourse!

Don’t think I don’t know who got these poor sad dopes all stirred up. We all do. And when I say we, I mean those of us who still have command of our gene pool. And when I say who, I of course mean a couple of our recently elected nimrods.

We’ve got members of our county commission who can’t read the financials for a lemonade stand much less figure out the complex working of a multi-million dollar business, and yet I see where they think they know great things and have great solutions!

Give it up. You don’t. Flushing a toilet is the kind of solution you kids need to keep concentrating on. Allow the people who know what they’re doing to figure out the adult problems.

You’re elected to county commission to listen to your subset of voters, calm them when Billy Joe Jim Bob tosses a limb in their yard, and comfort them about their “culbert.”

(Actually that last thing is even too complicated for you guys. That’s a job for the road board commissioners.)

Let’s face it, complexity is not your thing.

What is your thing you ask? Stirring up the contents of an outhouse, maybe? You like that don’t you?

Oh boy is it your thing! And it causes folks to think you’re a big shot, right? But guess what?

You’re not.

Do you want to be a good county commissioner? If so, here’s how you do it.

Be a rational voice for your electors.

Assure them the current government has installed rational board members at the hospital.

Assure them current management is working diligently to repair mistakes made in the past.

Remind them how McKenzie hospital was sold and then combined into Huntingdon’s Medical Center.

Explain to them how just because a big hospital is named Baptist, and is non-profit, doesn’t mean they aren’t going to want profits!

And finally study up on what is a community funded hospital. That’s what ours is. Only about 20% are. The reason they exist is so they can best respond to the needs, primarily of rural communities. (That’s what we are.)

So please shut up and let the ones hired to do the jobs, do them.



Dan K Jackson

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